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Ozan Belkıs

Belkis has been involved in dogs since his childhood. Born in 1968 in Izmir, Turkey, he has had a number of different breeds  including an Airdale, a Basset Hound and a Great Dane. His passion for Black Russian Terriers has opened a new dimension in his life and inspired him to get more involved in dog shows. He was the first Turkish exhibitor showing his dogs at international level at World or European Dog shows. Those experiences eventually led him to breed Black Russian Terriers, Miniature Schnauzers and Cane Corsos.

He was one of the proud founders of Turkish Kennel Club (KIF) and since the early days of the organization, he has been instrumental in organizing all breed conformation shows all around the country, breed events and establishing training and educational programs for judges. He has been an FCI international judge since 2009. He has judged all around the world in five continents at many prestigious events including the World and European Dog Shows. He also judged  at many breed specialties around the world.

He is the president of the Turkish Kennel Club and serves as the chairman of the organization’s Judges & Shows committee. He is a board member of a number breed clubs.