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Martin Johansson

Judging since 1997. Have judged over 350 shows, mostly in Sweden but also in Ireland, Argentina, Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Holland, Italy, Serbia, Australia and Canada. That includes prestigious Swedish, Finish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch Winner Shows and the European Dog Show in Denmark 2023.

Became all breed judge 2019.

Also, have worked multiple times as steward and translator, which have helped to build a knowledge about dogs of different breeds.

I’m second generation of dog-show judges in the family. My Father was an old, passionate hunter that also became a conformation specialist-judge for a few breeds.

I have been breeding Gordon Setter since 1984 and that is my breed for the rest of my life J even if I also have 2 nice Salukis in the house.

I started with Dachshunds, and got my first show-dog when I was 5 years old. At 15, I had already established my own kennel, “Martinis”. I also have worked with Springer Spaniel, Australian Kelpie and Beagle.

Have been working as a show organizer since early age, and, since 1978, during many terms, I have been a member of the board of regional Swedish Kennel Clubs.

At present time, I am a member of the Board and the Judges Committee of Norra Älvsborgs Kennel Club.

Have educations for anatomy and judging for breeders and becoming judges.

Also worked with hunting dogs, working dogs and herding dogs.