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Joaquin Bernal

I am a native of a town in Seville, Carrión de los Céspedes. Since I can remember, my great passion has been dogs. At first I shared my life with mestizos, then they arrived purely race.

Bred with the kennel “Los Céspedes” since 1992, I have had at home several breeds: Boxer, English Cocker Spaniel, Samoyed, Beagle, Boston Terrier and Bullmastiff, a breed that I have been breeding since 1997, and with which I feel enormously happy and fulfilled.

I have also bred and shown Akitas with the kennel “De Odate AJ”; and Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz with the affix “De Caras Negras”.

I show my Bullmastiffs regularly at most dog shows. Spain and Portugal. I also usually attend the most important events that take place celebrate in Europe.

I am a member of the Real Sociedad Canina de España; of the Sociedad Canina de Andalucia OC, and member of its Board of Directors; of the Spanish Molossers Club of Sand; of the Portuguese Bullmastiff Club, of the Cocker Spaniel Alliance, and of the Newfoundland Spanish Club.

Throughout my life as a breeder and exhibitor, I have managed to make and breed beauty champions from both Spain and other countries.

I have been an International Judge of the RSCE since 2003, and a specialist Judge of the Bullmastiff breed by the RSCE and the CEMA.

I have judged National, International and World dog shows in Spain, England, Finland, Portugal, France, Italy, Hungary, Belgium, Holland, Russia, Austria, Luxembourg, Poland, Ireland, Norway, Romania, Czech Republic, Turkey, Chile, Japan, Mexico, Ireland, Norway, Bosnia. As well as the Molossian monographs of the Clubs of Portugal, Belgium, Hungary, San Marino, Czech Republic, Austria and Chile.

I have the honor of having been the first Spanish Judge who has judged the breed Bullmastiff at a show with championship point in the United Kingdom (3September 2011)