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Jari Partanen

My name is Jari Partanen, born in 1973 in northern Finland. When I was born my family had a cocker spaniel and later it was retrievers that kept our family company. First Flat Coated and later my very first own dog -Labrador. I passed my ring steward course in age if 16, so I had to wait 2 years before the official authorisation. Despite of my young age I was one of the driving forces to start the local retriever club. I learned to groom goldens and started showing them and later many other breeds. I have even bred a litter of goldens with several CC winners in it.
I wished for smaller size breed and by coincidence I saw a Löwchen and understood I had found my breed! The decision I have never regretted; this breed has totally stolen my heart. I have had them over 30 years, my partner started with the breed 2 years earlier. Together we have bred or owned close to 150 löwchen champions, several speciality winners, and years’ löwchen in various countries.
Besides löwchen and my deep involvement with retrievers I have had Welsh Corgi Pembrokes. I was quite lucky with my start in this breed and got some nice puppies and several champions in my three litters. Löwchen has always been my main focus and after my life situation changed, I choose to continue only with löwchen. I missed the breed and today I have two Pembrokes in co-ownership with my friend.
My first-time authorisation was in 2002 in Finland, löwchen as my first breed.
Big life changing event was my move to Norway in 2007. Today authorised to judge all breed in all groups as Norwegian judge. I judge about 20-30 shows a year.
I am member of Norwegian kennel club’s Judge’s committee and Show committee.